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Designs with lines that your nails look ultra glam

We love being flirty and prosperous, which is why we take care of everything from our mental health to our little toenail. For this reason, today we are inspired a little and, taking into account that the little nails also deserve our attention, we began to look for ideal and simple designs with lines that you can make yourself.

Of course, many may like more exotic designs, but this time we wanted to give it such a subtle touch that we could do them with a little practice or our friend with a better hand. Here we share some designs that you will love.

1. A very thin Frenchman in black

black french nail design

2. Alternating lines

nail design in alternate positions

3. Irregular lines without the need for a good hand

nail design with irregular lines

4. In series

nail design with serial lines

5. Geometry with optical illusion

nail design with squares

6. In artistic mode

art mode nail design

7. Like crescents

half moon nail design

8. A simple sparkle

nail design with a spark

9. With a flirty side

one sided nail design

10. Neutral Half Circles

half circle nail design

Source: Okchicas

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