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Director works nights to donate his salary to students without resources

Due to the economic crisis left by the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of students have dropped out of their studies, either to find a way to help out at home or because their scholarships were canceled.

Upon learning of this situation, Henry Darby, principal of North Charleston High School, decided to help his students. To achieve this, he obtained a second job in a shopping center, where he is responsible for arranging shelves and updating prices of each product. The salary you earn here is donated to low-income students.

A gesture of solidarity

Henry Darby, principal of North Charleston High School, working nights in a shopping mall

Darby could not be indifferent to learn about the financial needs of his students, especially when some did not even have a place to sleep.

He had two female students sleeping under the bridge and there was another situation where a former student and her daughter were sleeping in their car.

To help mitigate his situation, he got a second job as a supermarket worker. With the salary obtained in this place, he began to buy groceries and help in the payment of rents and tuition for some students.

The world needs more people like this

Henry Darby, principal of North Charleston High School, posing for a photograph

The best thing is that Darby became a figure to be followed and after some students broke from his second job, they enlisted to work alongside him.

His story did not go unnoticed and Darby received support from others who helped him create a GoFundMe account to raise funds. In addition, the manager of the supermarket where he works gave him a check for $ 50,000. As if that were not enough, his goodness is recognized in social networks and various media, which provide him with a space to share his life and learning.

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