The 12 most watched Netflix series in the world

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Netflix always has something new to offer us. Month after month he surprises us with new content on his platform and we must admit that some of his series are now on our favorites list.

If you do not believe it, you should know that there are original series of this service streaming that have fascinated a large audience around the world and these are just some of the most viewed. How many do you have to see?

1. Lupin

With 70 million viewers, the French series tells the story of Assane Diop, a man who has been marked by the suicide of his father, because he was accused of a crime he did not commit. Diop has a great obsession for a literary character with an exceptional gift for theft, which leads him to steal a necklace from the Louvre Museum, not knowing that this connects him to the tragic family event that marked him for life.

2. Bridgerton

It is a combination of style between Gossip Girl Y Downton Abbey. She tells us a love story during the Regency period in the United Kingdom from the female perspective, in which Daphne Bridgerton and other women are introduced to society and begin the search for a good match to marry. In just one month on the platform it has had a reach of 63 million viewers.

3. Unbelievable

A series based on real events that tells the story of Marie, a teenager who was a victim of sexual violence. However, when presenting her complaint to the police, she is accused of having lied and altered what happened. Now she must face her community, who consider her a liar, without realizing that what she says actually happened. About 32 million users were moved by this story, because, unfortunately, it is the reality of hundreds of people.

4. The Queen’s Gambit

Lady’s gambit He showed us a part of chess that few of us really knew. Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, the child prodigy of this game, discovers not only how to become the best player in the world, she also learns how to deal with her addictions and create bonds with people that perhaps in her life she thought would remain in her. Undoubtedly those 62 million viewers are more than deserved.

5. Our planet

Although it is not a common series, it has captivated 33 million users, as it shows us in an amazing way and in high definition all the wonders that planet Earth has. The miniseries has been filmed in more than 50 countries, showing us jungles, deserts and amazing oceans.

6. Stranger Things

The series is about to premiere its fourth season and has 64 million viewers in the world. It takes us back to the 80s when, due to the disappearance of the child Will Byers, a dark secret of the government comes to light, which for a long time has carried out experiments in order to create techniques of psychological warfare, without forgetting the appearance of supernatural forces in the village.

7. The Crown

This magnificent work tells us the life story of Queen Elizabeth II during the second half of the 20th century, showing part of the real life that has happened in royalty, as well as a bit of drama that the producers themselves have decided to add. Without a doubt, in a short time there will be more than 73 million viewers who will continue to be fascinated with it.

8. The Umbrella Academy

It has two seasons and an audience of 45 million people. The Umbrella Academy tells the story of a family of superheroes who try to uncover the mystery behind the sudden death of their father. However, it is not easy at all, as they have to learn to deal with their very different personalities and prevent the end of the world.

9. The Witcher

Based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski. He tells us the life of Geralt de Rivia, an unconventional sorcerer, because he feels that he does not fit into the world where he lives. Despite his great ability to hunt monsters, the people he interacts with are evil, even more so than the creatures he hunts. Henry Cavill’s performance has captivated 76 million viewers.

10. The paper house

It launched in 2017 and has since reached 44 million viewers. The great story has a lot to tell, narrating the plan for the assault on the Museum of the National Currency and Stamp Factory, in which each of the characters makes us feel like one of the group at the time of carrying out everything.

11. You

Joe Goldberg is a New York boy with patterns of obsession and violence in his life, which lead him to eliminate any obstacle or person that comes between him and his beloved. Through digital tools, it is easier for him to know everything about the girl who captured his interest, although everything changes when Love, his new girlfriend, turns out to be just like him. Right now 40 million users are waiting for its third season.

12. Sex Education

This series is the perfect program that in addition to entertainment, will give you great lessons through Otis and Maeve, two high school students who create a sexual advice clinic, to which everyone at their school can go to solve any type of doubt or problem regarding that topic. Right now the series has 40 million viewers around the world.

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