Domenica In: Mara Venier and the hard outburst against Guillermo Mariotto

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Moms don’t touch. Especially when they are no longer there and the daughters bring them back to memory with tenderness, damaging themselves for that void that will never be completely filled. It was to reiterate this concept Mara Venier that, during the episode of Sunday In broadcast on 5 December on Rai1, he heavily scolded Guillermo Mariotto, stylist and judge of Dancing with the Stars, for having chuckled during the memory that Rossella Erra, present in the studio, dedicated to her mother. “I’m sorry Mariotto, I have to tell you something because you’re making my balls spin “, Mara said interrupting the broadcast, getting up from the stool and going in front of Mariotto.

“You were laughing and it was not the time to laugh. There are moments in which to laugh and be ironic. It wasn’t that. I’m not. When it comes to mothers who are no longer around, don’t laugh. If you want to laugh, get out of this studio “thundered Venier while Mariotto, taken aback, only managed to sketch out a shy “okay, aunt, don’t worry”, as if it didn’t affect him and he was unable to understand the reason for the reproach. Talking about missing loved ones, especially on television, is very difficult, especially due to the emotional factor that could be difficult to manage.

Mara Venier herself has repeatedly remembered her mother Elsa struggling to hold back her tears every time she recalled the day in which she had not recognized her due to the Alzheimer’s she suffered from. “She was my safe haven,” Mara said on the occasion of the release of her book Mom, do you remember me ?, published by RaiLibri. “Mom and I had a symbiotic relationship and I loved being a daughter, returning to Mestre in my childhood home and sleeping in my cot … My mother gave a lot of love to my children too and her illness united us, helped us to overcome old rusts: all three of us felt the deep desire and the duty to give her back the love she gave us », said Mara in an interview with Today, reminding us why he was so angry with Guillermo Mariotto live.


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