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Domenico de Masi, Italian sociologist, dies aged 85

Italian sociologist Domenico De Masi has died at the age of 85. He was the creator of the term “creative leisure” and argued that the brain cannot be forced to produce when it is already saturated with information.

Domenco was professor emeritus of Sociology of Work at La Sapienza University in Rome.

The Italian was a university professor, business consultant, writer and speaker and gained notoriety for the concept of “creative leisure”.

Domenico was professor emeritus of Sociology of Work, at La Sapienza University, in Rome, and member of the Ethics Committee, the Veronesi Foundation and the Scientific Committee of the magazine “Sociologia del Lavoro”. He also founded and directed SIT, an Italian teleworking company, and “Next” magazine. He has also published several essays on urban sociology, development, work, organization and macrosystems, such as “Creative Groups in Europe between 1850 and 1950”, “A simple revolution”, “Why the future is unemployed”, “Work in the 21st century” and “ The world is still young.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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