ECB: We need to bring inflation back to our 2% target as soon as possible, but not before – Panetta

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The member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank (ECB), Fabio Panetta, declared on Thursday that “we need to bring inflation back to our 2% target as soon as possible, but not before“.

Additional comments

The medium-term inflation outlook is clear upside risks.

It is justified further tightening of monetary policy.

We must carefully calibrate our monetary policy to ensure that inflation returns to target on a lasting basis, while guiding market expectations and limiting excess volatility.

our position should not be based on a one-sided view of the risks.

We must avoid excessive focus on short-term developments and take full account of risks.

The neutral interest rate provides limited guidance in this regard.

We must also be prepared to deal with issues relating to guarantees.

I prefer the concept of a consistent rate with the goal of neutral rate.

Maintain ample liquidity in the system will help to ensure the proper functioning of the money market.

Be prepared to intervene in a timely manner to counter unjustified market failures, should they arise.

Guarantee the absorption of the amortizations of the TLTRO before fully reinvesting the principal payments.

A controlled reduction is preferable -in which only redemptions above a limit are not reinvested- to active sales.

A higher than expected rate hike can increase volatility and have a greater impact in the current high leverage environment.

We have to pay close attention to make sure we don’t amplify the risk of a prolonged recession.

Our policy rate remains an adequate marginal normalization instrument.

If these larger-than-expected increases are interpreted as a signal of a higher terminal rate, we could have a greater impact on financing conditions.

We have a comparatively limited knowledge of the effects of reducing the size of our balance sheet financial.

Source: Fx Street

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