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Eliezer opens up about his daughter’s “estrangement” from Viih Tube: “It messed with me”

The ex-BBB Eliezer do Carmo, 34 made an outburst, on his social networks, this weekend, about the removal of your daughter, Lua , just one year old. According to him, since his wife, the influencer Viih Tube, 23 discovered that she is pregnant, the little girl has left her father aside and is only looking for her mother.

“It’s been a few months since Lua doesn’t want to know me. That’s not the way to say, no, she really doesn’t want it. Not even my lap, nothing! He just wants to know about Viih. It sounds silly, but it makes us really upset, a strange feeling that I’m still learning to deal with. The feeling is that she doesn’t love me, she only loves her mother.”

Eli said he heard from some people that this is a normal child’s reaction when his mother get pregnant again , but highlighted that this did not alleviate his frustration at the situation. He also said that at this moment his dog Lilo has been his comfort, as she is always behind him.

“This week (after months), the Moon asked for my lap and I confess that it was my greatest happiness in weeks. That’s weird! When it happened, Viih was in the room recording, and I came in awkwardly to tell her that Lua asked for my lap. That’s because even Viih had felt that I was upset about the situation,” she added.

On Friday (7), Viih showed his followers the 120 m² playroom of the family’s new mansion. “My agreement with Eli was: I didn’t have a say in anything about the house, I’m terrified of the work, but I was going to put my hands on the playroom, I was going to control everything, so I did everything alone, it was my little corner, my dream,” he said. .

Source: CNN Brasil

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