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Emily Ratajkowski explodes against Adam Levine and the unfaithful men; “We continue to blame women”

Emily Ratajkowski explodes against Adam Levine and the unfaithful men;  “We continue to blame women”

There have been days of news after news about the alleged infidelity that Adam Levine committed with the Instagram model Sumner Stroh after she confessed that she had a relationship with him for just over a year and that two more girls joined and accused him of send them obscene messages. Since the subject has given so much to talk about, the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski decided to intervene to give her opinion on the matter, through her TikTok account.

Recall that after the revelation of Sumner Adam issued a statement in which he acknowledged his responsibility but denied that it had transcended into infidelity as such, since it was only “flirtatious messages”, and despite not having clarified the leaked conversations yet by Allyson Rosef and Maryka, it is presumed that the 43-year-old singer could object with the same justification.

However, Emily joined the scandal, which earned the hashtag #ExposedAdamLevine, issuing her correct and personal opinion. While Emily is not directly involved in the Maroon 5 frontman drama, she is familiar with the public cheating scandal, as a few months ago she confirmed that her ex Sebastian Bear-McClard was unfaithful to her.

His video was threaded into a TikTok clip captioned: “Dear women who cheat on married men: You suck too and we don’t feel sorry for you.” With that introduction, the young woman continued narrating that she could not agree more, since she does not understand how it is that women are currently still being blamed for the mistakes of men, especially when it comes to men who are in a situation of power and that have an age advantage over women.


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I don’t understand why we keep blaming women for men’s mistakes, especially when it comes to women in their twenties dealing with men in positions of power twice their age. The power dynamics are so skewed it’s ridiculous. He’s predatory, he’s manipulative, I can’t imagine.

In addition, Emily added that the person who is in a relationship, in this case the man, is the one who is obliged to be loyal, so blaming only the woman in question is a way of showing once again the machismo with which we have been educated. That is, seeing ourselves among women as “enemies” or “rivals”.

So the whole ‘the other woman is to blame’ thing is bad and literally designed to drive women away.

On the other hand, returning to the initial part of the video in which it is stated that “men will always be dogs, but as women we have to do better”, Emily replied that the big problem in our culture is that we brand men as monsters “ because they are horrible and terrible.” Finally, she added that not holding them responsible, justifying them and blaming our fellow women is a clear sign of misogyny.

We don’t hold them responsible and then blame other women, we ask women to adjust their behavior, instead of telling men to change their behavior. It’s sexism, it’s classic misogyny. Spot.

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