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England: They canceled the fireworks show so as not to scare … Thor

A walrus in Scarborough, England “cancelled” the New Year’s fireworks show.

This is Thor, who was spotted off the coast of Hampshire earlier this month. It is estimated that he is resting and will continue his journey north in a few days.

According to Mirror local community leaders decided to cancel the celebrations, following advice from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, which warned they could cause the animal “distress” and disturbance.

The animal, which roams the harbor, attracts large crowds but authorities and wildlife experts are urging the public not to approach it.

“Please respect his rest and try not to disturb him. Although it is a very exciting opportunity, they do not like a lot of noise and are not familiar with domestic animals, so please keep pets on a lead and keep a safe distance for your own well-being and his” they advise the public the experts.

“I was going on my boat and it was on the pier – great. It must be half a ton,” local businessman Stuart Ford, who tried to see the walrus up close, told the BBC.

Source: News Beast

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