EVEP: What do businesses expect from the prime minister at the TIF

EVEP: What do businesses expect from the prime minister at the TIF

The Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also be present, from September 10-18, 2022 in the exhibition area of ​​this year’s 86th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, representing the business that develops in the wider Piraeus area in the fields of trade, industry, shipping, logistics and services.

According to an announcement by the chamber, Stand 2 Stand 4, where the EBEP is hosted this year, is flanked by the Panhellenic Association of Ship Suppliers and Exporters, as well as the Municipal Authority of Piraeus with organizations such as the Entrepreneurship Support Center, the Entrepreneurship Promotion Center for Startups, the Support Center for the creation and development of a knowledge and innovation community for the blue economy, in the Municipality of Piraeus. The companies – members of the chamber, MAVRIKOS IMPORTS SA, MATHIOS PYRIMACHA S.A., AGORA SHIPBROKING CORPORATION, TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS, SEASONS DECORATIONS, FESTIVE ILLUMINATIONS, ASCO TAPE AE, LAGOGIANNIS SD LEADER and the shipyards N. PSYCHALIS EPE also participate in the exhibition. .

As stated in the announcement:

“This year’s event assumes special importance for the country’s economy, as businesses are strongly experiencing economic difficulties, at the mercy of energy as a result of the war situation in Ukraine, they want the support of the government, while they expect that the Prime Minister’s announcements will move between social sensitivity and economic logic. The economy is “circular” and this year’s TIF presents the opportunity to understand the importance of circular entrepreneurship and the need to raise public awareness of green investments in the field of Renewable Energy Sources. A tribute to the “circular economy” has therefore prepare the organizers of the 86th TIF, in order to present the latest technological developments, solutions and products in the field of energy and environmental protection, since energy, as everything shows, will be the dominant problem in the next two years, and beyond.

With the necessary responsibility and activation from all sides, the chamber institution can emerge as a valuable tool, not only for Greek businesses, but also overall for the regeneration of the Greek economy, based on competitiveness and extroversion. Chambers, in addition to service centers for entrepreneurs, can become digital knowledge centers and business support structures, which will safely lead us to the digitization of businesses, the digital economy and a sustainable development, equivalent to economically strong European countries, free from the stress of energy. After all, the EBEP has already positioned and proposes the “3A” solution for Self-production – Storage – Self-consumption, combining “Net-metering” without sale and tariff netting, giving a company the possibility to produce, using a photovoltaic system, the electricity energy it consumes, while at the same time remaining connected to the grid, which, where possible, to also use as a “storage” of electricity. In Greece, the concepts of blue growth and circular entrepreneurship are quite new and this year’s TIF may be a good opportunity to understand them better.”

Source: Capital