Fair Play Fifa Award, the victory of Mattia Agnese who saved the life of an opponent

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“You are my hero, our hero.” With these words, spoken in Italian, Ruud Gullit rewarded Mattia Agnese with the Fair Play Awards 2020 della Fifa, the prize that the world football organization assigns to the most sporting behavior. Don’t you remember this name among Serie A players? You are not mistaken, he does not play in Serie A. He is 17 years old and is registered with the Ligurian amateur club of Ospedaletti.

An Italian had not been awarded for twenty years. Last January, during a match, he saved the life of a Cairese opponent.

The boy had fallen unconscious. Mattia gave him first aid which was then decisive. “I saw that he wasn’t breathing. I immediately put him in the safety position and stuck out his tongue to prevent him from suffocating. I had learned the procedure on the internet ».

The ceremony took place remotely and Mattia, who was with his parents at home, talked to the Dutch champion. “It seemed like the correct thing to do. I am not a hero. My life hasn’t changed, I’ve always been the same, I do the same things. It is an incredible emotion to receive this award: I want to thank my family and all the Ospedaletti. I hope it is an example ».

Mattia remained in contact with the young man whose life he saved. He trains with the hope of becoming a professional footballer and supports Inter. Mattia is the first Italian to receive the award since Paolo Di Canio, who on 16 December 2000, in an Everton-West Ham, had blocked the ball with his hands because the opposing goalkeeper was injured on the ground.

«We are proud and excited», ruthless the president of his club, Luca Barbagallo, «What Mattia did no one will ever forget and we are proud that he is part of our family. We focus on certain values ​​and a gesture like the one made by Mattia represents the most beautiful victory ».

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