Falling in love is the 2023 antidote against difficulties

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Expensive bills, price increases everywhere, wars, flu: 2023 opened with many worries on the shoulders. But you know, if when you are two, everything weighs half, when you are alone, what happens? Maybe it’s right there desire to share which pushes i singledespite everything, to go to the looking for a love story.

This was revealed by the latest survey carried out by Meetic: love is a lifeline in times of toil and difficulty for 89% of Italian singlesbut this without the relationship necessarily resulting in a marriage or in starting a family together with the other person.

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And it seems that the search for a soul mate finds greater fulfillment at the beginning of the year, around what is defined as the «peak »or the day when dating apps register the greatest activity, which this year coincided with January 6th.

The motivations? Singles are usually inclined to live with malaise holiday: between anniversaries with relatives and the romantic atmosphere that reigns in the streets of any city, many feel the “burden” of not having someone by their side, so they start the new year with the good intention to find that someone willing to live the much desired love story.

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But with what expectations do singles venture into this search? What do they really want for themselves? Let’s take a close look at them reasons that animate those who use dating apps, analyzing the results ofsurvey carried out by CINT for Meetic in December 2022 on a sample of 806 Italian singles between 18 and 64 years old.

Singles dream of love, beyond anything

2022 spared us no worries: the outbreak of international conflicts, natural disasters and the resumption of the pandemic, among others, weighed heavily on everyone’s shoulders. However, for the 57% of singles Italians this particular historical period even has strengthened the desire to live a love story; even, the 70% of respondents revealed an intense desire to fall in lovewhile 89% he throws himself headlong into love, precisely because he believes that this feeling has the task of soothe the soul in difficult times.

The ideal sweetheart? Honest, respectful and reliable

The desire to dream is not lost, but with an eye to pragmatism: 86% would like to be involved in one electrifying love story that unleash new emotions. But no princes or princesses, but people with a well-defined moral baggage. In the scale of values in fact they are in the first place honesty and sincerity (55%), followed bybe respectful (36%) and reliable (34%, for women in particular 47%).

The sense of humorthat until 2020 collected a percentage of the 48% in the preferences for one’s ideal partner (according to “Love Connection 2020”, the survey conducted by Kantar on a representative sample of 1005 singles, aged between 18 and 65), falls in the rankings and scrapes together a paltry 26%. The reason? Quickly explained: in a moment of severe global crisis, knowing how to make people laugh takes second place to the quality of bring serenity into the relationship, without creating new reasons for concern.

A solid relationship, but… no long-term plans

Hence, the hoped-for love stories should be based on the trust (95%), but few are then interested in making long-term projects, such as getting married or having a child. Indeed, be careful, the perspective is reversed: 58% do not think that a love story must necessarily be aimed at marriage, and indeed for 65% of the female population, getting married is not a priority at all.

A partner? Yes thank you, but without stress

However, this does not mean that the search for a partner should generate stress: the economic crisis and the precariousness of the labor market are now causing concern. Sure, the 34% feel pressured to be singlebut most of the participants (80%) sits well in its own singleness.

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