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Fast-food restaurant workers in California will be paid a minimum wage of $20 an hour

The employees in restaurants express service (fast food) in California they will earn at least $20 an hour and have a say in setting standards in their workplaceprovides the new law that Governor Gavin Newsom signed yesterday Thursday.

The legislation emerged as part of a broader compromise in which fast-casual restaurant chains agreed to scrap a 2024 referendum to repeal a law aimed at raising wages and improving working conditions for employees.. For their part, the unions have agreed to drop their claims for franchisors to be held accountable for violations by franchisees.

The average hourly wage for a quick service restaurant worker in the US was $13.43 in 2022, but in California it was $16.60. The minimum hourly wage, which will take effect in April, translates into annual earnings of $41,600.

As Governor Newsom said, in California today there are more than 550,000 workers in 30,000 quick service restaurants. In the majority of them, they represent the main source of income for their families – contrary to the prevailing perception that these are mainly teenagers taking their first steps in the labor market, Newsom underlined. 80% come from minority groups, while 2/3 are women, he added.

As well as raising the minimum hourly wage, the new law establishes a commission – representing both employers and workers in the sector – that can approve further increases and set standards for working conditions, which unions have hailed as historical movement.

On average, the minimum hourly wage regardless of industry is $15.50 in California, among the highest in the entire U.S.. At the federal level, the minimum hourly wage has remained unchanged since 2009 at $7.25 – which translates into annual earnings of $15,080 for a worker working 40 hours a week.

Source: News Beast

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