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Fedez rushed to hospital for internal bleeding: “It’s in these moments that you understand that it’s better to lose some people than to find them”

Looking at his Instagram Stories until the evening of July 10th everything seemed calm, at least until Fedez did not choose to publish a photo of him lying in a hospital bed. «I’m like DJ Khaled when he says ‘another one’ but with internal bleeding», wrote the rapper in an ironic tone, probably in an attempt to reassure his followers. After posting the verse of a new song that was ominously premonitory of what happened to him – «You’re wrong if you think I’ve never loved. I would have killed for you but you stopped me. The holes in my stomach that I’ve made, for all the crap I’ve accumulated» – Fedez then made a point of thank the doctors and nurses at the Policlinico in Milan who “found the internal bleeding before it was too late, fortunately.”

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“It’s in these moments that you understand that it’s better to lose certain people than to find them”, Fedez concluded one last time, while the one who told us something more about what he went through was Adnkronos Health. It seems, in fact, that Fedez has been subjected in these hours to a gastroscopy after a huge loss of blood and a procedure to stop it. Last September, as we know, the rapper had been hospitalized for about ten days at the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan and operated for internal bleeding caused by two ulcersThe new test was carried out in the same capital, but in another facility.

Fedez rushed to hospital for internal bleeding
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It is clear, in short, that Fedez is still struggling with a state of health and a clinical picture that is still extremely delicate.perhaps made more fragile by the travel he has been subjected to in recent months as well as by the stress of what is happening to him. Between the separation with Chiara Ferragnidoubts about his previous charitable activities and the controversial case of Cristiano Iovino which directly or indirectly involved him.

Source: Vanity Fair

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