Fernando Molica: Approval of the PEC dos Precatórios demonstrates Lira’s strength in the Chamber

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In the frame Freedom of Opinion this Wednesday (10), journalist Fernando Molica echoed the approval of the PEC dos Precatórios, in the second round, in the Chamber of Deputies. There were 323 votes in favor and 172 against the proposal.

The PEC postpones the payment of judicial debts of the federal government, the precatório, to create space in the budget for the Auxílio Brasil, a social benefit that replaces the Bolsa Família.

“The big difference in relation to the previous vote was the greater presence of deputies. The first vote took place the day after a holiday, there were few people in the plenary,” said Molica.

“This time, the government put more people in the plenary, which facilitated and offset, for example, the change in the PDT, which had given the majority of votes in favor of the PEC and, this time, it was the opposite.”

“What weighed in favor of the government was this, the greater presence of deputies. Once again, it demonstrates the strength of the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, in controlling these votes. The government achieved an almost calm victory, it had to spend a lot of lip service and a lot of amendments, but now the issue is the Senate”, evaluated the journalist.

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Fernando Molica and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

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(Posted by: André Rigue)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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