FGV: IPCA-15 should rise again and reach 0.7% in June

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The Extended Consumer Price Index 15 (IPCA-15), which previews monthly inflation, should resume growth in June. This is what the coordinator of the Consumer Price Index at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), André Braz, predicts.

According to the economist, the rate should reach 0.72%. In May, inflation was 0.47%, reaching 11.73% in the last 12 months.

For Braz, the readjustment in health plans will pull the indicator up. The estimate is that the group of health and personal care has a high of 1.64%, being the second highest of the IPCA-15 in June. However, the segment has a weight of 12.27% in the index, which makes the increase more significant.

“Health plan users will now pay, after the readjustment, an addition of retroactive and this makes the value of this service weigh in this disclosure”, he explains.

Another item that should have high is the clothing group, with an increase of 1.91%. For André Braz, the growth is due to the exchanges of collections in the clothing sector, which take place at the turn of the seasons.

In the economist’s analysis, inflation should slow down until the end of the year. “Of course there are off-the-radar effects, such as fuel prices, but there is room for a slowdown. The expectation is that inflation will close at around 8.5% and 9%.”

However, Braz highlights the period of uncertainty in the world economy, mainly due to the conflict in Eastern Europe. “The scenario is still very unstable, because it involves other countries. The exchange rate devaluation, the risk of fiscal maneuver in this electoral race, some news can be poorly digested by the market. Over-the-counter fiscal spending increases uncertainty and is reflected in the economy,” adds the economist.

Source: CNN Brasil

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