First series of works to be commercialized in NFT’s in Brazil brings urban chaos to abstract art

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On the eve of the opening of an exhibition, it was common for artists to go to the galleries to give their works a final coat of varnish, so that the paintings would last longer. Since then, such openings are also called “vernissage” or, “varnishing”, in French.

But art has changed a lot since then.

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Its techniques, subjects portrayed and commercialization are suited to each historical period of society. Many works no longer need a coat of varnish to last, as is the case with NFT’s.

“My series of paintings and NFT’s talk a lot, both are disruptive, they move art in different ways”.

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Vanessa Meyer is a visual artist from Minas Gerais, residing in São Paulo, who, in 2019, started a creative process focusing on the urban chaos of the 5th largest city in the country.

“The first paintings came, I finally understood what I wanted to put on the canvas, but then came chaos on top of chaos: the pandemic,” she says.

However, Vanessa continued exploring the city. She dressed up and started talking to homeless people, understanding their reality and transmitting what she absorbed for her works.

“I want to portray this street movement that, many times, people don’t look at, don’t give importance. Along with the destruction and degradation of the center is the degradation of the human being,” she says.

After monitoring the situation of the homeless population in loco, their experience gave rise to the series “Entropica”, with five sets of 16 paintings in total: “Nos Trilhos”, “As Lona”, “Identidade”, “Frenética”, and “Alley Movement”.

The works vary in physical dimension and have black, grey, yellow, blue, red and white making up the color palette.

Vanessa even prepares a dynamic vernissage, with projections of downtown São Paulo, graffiti and city sounds.

“It will be something very immersive that will allow you to better understand each screen and experience the center of São Paulo in a safe way”, he says.

The commercialization of works in NFT’s comes through a partnership with the Mooh TECH agency in Paris and will be done through various negotiation models.

The buyer can purchase an individual physical work and choose whether the painting will be delivered to their home or if the art will only exist in online mode, in which case, the physical painting stays with Vanessa to be displayed in the future. In any case, the client receives the certificate, through a token number (NFT), guaranteeing the authenticity and ownership of the work.

Other paintings may have up to ten buyers. Everyone will receive a token with a unique number and, with it, they will be able to print the art.

“With this latest model, we break the idea that art has to be exclusive to some people, it’s a way of democratizing it”, says Vanessa.

Part of the profit obtained from the works will be donated to the Associação Serviços Assistenciais Senhor Bom Jesus dos Passos, with a focus on women who are homeless.

“By observing the city, I could see that the street women who suffer the greatest acts of violence. I learned so much, I only think about giving back”, says Vanessa.

The vernissage takes place this Monday (07) and will be aimed at guests and the press.

Source: CNN Brasil

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