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France and Spain are linked by direct high-speed trains

France and Spain are linked by direct high-speed trains

A France and the Spain are now connected daily by direct high-speed trains, without the need for transfers or changing vehicles.

Since the beginning of September, the Spanish railway company Renfe operates a daily route between the cities of Lyon and Barcelona . From October, Travel between Marseille and Madrid are also scheduled to occur every day.

The operation of Spanish high-speed trains (called AVE – Spanish High Speed ) was started in July, in which stops at local stations in France are also offered.

With the start of operations, tickets between destinations in France with Renfe’s high-speed trains were offered for €9 (around R$48). The complete route, which connects the cities of Lyon or Marseille to Spain, could initially be purchased for up to €29 (around R$154).

The journey between Lyon and Barcelona takes five hours, while the journey between Marseille and Madrid takes around eight hours.

AVE high-speed trains can exceed 300 km/h and the first service of this type in Spain was opened in 1992 with a connection between the cities of Madrid, Córdoba and Seville.

New routes

In June, the Spanish railway company announced services that will connect Catalonia and the Basque Country to the south of France from 2024. With this, Renfe wants to become a “leading operator” in French territory.

The route between Catalonia and the French region of Occitania will connect Barcelona and Perpignan, extending to Toulouse.

The Basque Country will connect with the French region of New-Aquitaine with a route between the cities of San Sebastian, Hendaye and Bayonne.

Source: CNN Brasil