Garmin trolls Apple for ‘record’ battery life Apple Watch Ultra

Garmin trolls Apple for ‘record’ battery life Apple Watch Ultra

Competitors do not miss the opportunity to troll Apple. Of course, the main critic of “apple” devices is the South Korean company Samsung. But this year, Garmin, one of the leading players in the wearable electronics market, has joined Apple’s trolling of new products. The manufacturer criticized the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch, which debuted this week at the traditional September presentation.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a brand new model in the Apple range that boasts a brighter, larger screen, dual-frequency GPS, and a rugged design that makes it ideal for professional use. And yet, introducing a new smart watch, Apple has focused on their high autonomy, because they are said to be able to work without recharging up to 60 hours. This is exactly what Garmin has ridiculed on social media.

“We measure autonomy in months. Not in the watch,” Garmin said.

However, the superiority in terms of autonomy does not make Garmin smartwatches more popular than the Apple Watch. According to the latest data from Canalys analysts, Apple Watch now owns 31.1% of the global market, which makes Apple the undisputed leader. As for Garmin, it ranks fifth among manufacturers with 7.6% of the market.

Source: Trash Box