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German and Polish airlines cancel flights to Tel Aviv

German airline Lufthansa has canceled its flights to Tel Aviv until Saturday morning (20) and will avoid Iraqi airspace due to the security situation in the Middle East region.

While the Polish airline LOT, in turn, canceled flights this Friday (19) to Tel Aviv and Beirut.

No flights to Israel are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday flights will be decided on Saturday, the airline said.

Lufthansa is scheduled to resume flights to Tel Aviv and plans to fly again through Iraqi airspace starting Saturday at 1 a.m. local time and 8 a.m. Israeli time.

The announcement comes following the airline's decision to extend its suspension of flights to the capitals of Iran and Lebanon.

Lufthansa said on Wednesday (17) that flights to Tehran and Beirut will remain canceled and that the airline will not use Iranian airspace until April 30.

An air attack hit the central region of Iran this Friday (19). The action followed an exchange of retaliatory actions between the Islamic country and Israel in recent weeks, and marks a potentially dangerous escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

Source: CNN Brasil

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