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Google in Russia faces another fine for blocking two channels on YouTube

Google in Russia faces another fine for blocking two channels on YouTube

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the situation with the blocking of the RT DE and Der Fehlende Part channels on YouTube.

Of course, there are signs that the laws of the Russian Federation have been violated. Violated very rudely, because, of course, this is associated with censorship, and with obstruction of the dissemination of information to the media, and so on. If our supervisory authorities come to the conclusion that this is indeed a violation of our legislation, then, of course, we cannot and should not exclude the possibility of taking measures to force this platform to comply with our laws.

Peskov did not say anything directly about the possibility of blocking YouTube in Russia, although he was asked about it. Thus, so far the loud headlines that the Kremlin is threatening to block YouTube have no basis, at least in such formulations.

Recall that on September 28, the YouTube service blocked the RT DE and Der Fehlende Part channels without the possibility of their restoration. The official reason for blocking is a violation of YouTube’s rules regarding the dissemination of false information about COVID-19 and a violation of the platform rules.

A warning has been issued by RT DE for uploading content that violates our COVID-19 false information policy. This resulted in the suspension of their rights to publish the video. During the suspension of the rights, the channel owners tried to bypass the restrictions by using a different channel; as a result, both channels were closed for violating YouTube’s terms of service

On the same day, Roskomnadzor sent a letter to Google demanding to unblock the channels and explain the reason for the blocking. If Google’s actions are found illegal, the company faces a fine of 1 million rubles.