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Google: See what are the most searched events in Brazil in 2023

Google released this Monday (11) the list of the most searched events on the platform in Brazil. In a busy year, with two major wars and natural disasters, the Women’s World Cup led the search.

The 9th edition of the tournament was hosted by Australia and New Zealand and was won by Spain, who won the title after defeating England in the final. La Roja was only the second team in the world to win both the men’s and women’s World Cup, continuing a list inaugurated by Germany.

During this year’s Women’s World Cup ceremony, won by Spain, Rubiales forced a kiss on world champion Jennifer Hermoso, an act that triggered a crisis in Spanish football.

The federation’s then representative was first removed from office for a period of 90 days and subsequently removed from office. Investigated by the Spanish Public Ministry, the former leader was accused of sexual assault and coercion, in addition to the obligation to maintain a minimum distance from Hermoso.

Rubiales was later permanently banned from football by FIFA.

Another event that dominated the search in Brazil was the missing submarine. The submersible Titan took a crew on a trip to see the wreckage of the Titanic and, for days, the mystery remained regarding the whereabouts of the vessel, which lost communication with land.

Debris discovered in the search area for the missing submersible was assessed as being from the vessel’s outer body, according to a memo reviewed by the CNN . The debris was located on the ocean floor, about 500 meters from the Titanic’s bow.

Check out the list of the ten most searched events on Google in Brazil:

  1. Women’s World Cup
  2. Missing submarine
  3. War in Israel and Gaza
  4. solar eclipse
  5. Earthquake in Türkiye
  6. Lula’s possession
  7. Excessive heat
  8. Subway strike in SP
  9. Tax reform
  10. Blue Moon

Source: CNN Brasil

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