Green travel: 10 experiences to try in Switzerland

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A tour on the lake with the largest solar powered boat in the world, a virgin forest, a botanical garden where plants heal every wound (even those of the heart), a hotel surrounded by a paradise of nature saved by a hero and then a new trail that in just eight days touches 11 lakes and 6 of the most spectacular mountains in the Alps: these are some of the 10 experiences for a green holiday to do in Switzerland, which you can find in the gallery above.

A taste of the many ideas for a trip to this small and wonderful country on the border with Italy, where the opportunities for discovery for those who love nature have always been special: because Switzerland was born green – with 1500 lakes, 19 natural parks, 30% of the territory covered by woods and a climate – consequently – among the best in the world – but also because he has chosen to cultivate his vocation and to focus on sustainability also for its economic development.

Examples? It has upgraded its public transport network so that any city or small town can be reached by train (9000 trains every day cover the approximately 3000 kilometers of the railway network of the Swiss Federal Railways), has promoted car-free locations, has encouragedintensive use of water energy, is one of the leading countries in the world in the sector of recycling and waste management and at the same time the one in which per capita consumption of organic products is the highest ever.

A culture of respect for the environment that Switzerland is now also describing in its manifesto for sustainable tourism: Swisstainable. It is made up of four points – experiencing unspoiled nature up close, getting to know the authentic local culture, consuming regional products, extending your stay for an in-depth experience – which become opportunity to launch new activities in contact with its beauties and relaunch great classics not to be missed, but also culinary discoveries, and all always with zero impact. Ideas for (re) discover Switzerland in its fullness, on a journey away from chaos and in the midst of beauty, exactly what we all want to do now. To get started, browse the gallery above

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