Guardian: Variation detected that is not detected by molecular tests

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New strong concern in the scientific community and alarm for Omicron mutation occurred as scientists identified a new mutation that could not be detected with molecular tests used to diagnose coronavirus.

According to his post Guardian this variant has many common mutations with Ομικρον, but lacks a specific genetic modification that allows laboratory testing PCR to be used to find the case.

With the data so far the new variant is not detected as such by the molecular test controls or in simpler words does not allow scientists to separate it from the Omicron variant, as it is known to us so far.

The variant was first identified among the samples taken at South Africa, in Australia and in Canada and this discovery led scientists to separate its genealogy B.1.1.529, σε BA.1 (the Omicron mutation that we know) and in BA.2 (newer variant).

As reported by Guardian almost half of the laboratory testing machines in Britain look for three genes in the coronavirus to locate it. But the Omicron mutation as well as the Alpha appear positive only in some of them and this is because they have a genetic change.

Note that the manager at Institute of Genetics in the University of London, professor François Balou emphasizes that almost 6% of its 709 cases “Omicron” registered in the genome database belong to this new variant.

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