HalloApp 1.7.2

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HalloApp – the first application for real relationships. And we create it for you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

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A completely new category. A simple, secure and private place to connect and share what’s important in your life with the people who matter to you. In complete confidentiality.

Unlike legacy social media, HalloApp believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. We use your phone number to connect you with friends and family. In addition, we never collect, store or use any personal information.

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This means that we never sell your personal information. Because we never have it.

There are no brands, ads, or influencers in your feed. Just real people that you really care about.

Your chats are encrypted. No one outside of your chats can read them, not even HalloApp.

HalloApp was founded by two former WhatsApp employees who helped build WhatsApp and turn it into one of the world’s most loved apps.

Source: Trash Box

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