Harry and Meghan Markle “snubbed” (also) at the Met Gala?

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While at Buckingham Palace they try to figure out whether or not they will accept the invitation to participate in the coronation of King Charles III, Harry and Meghan Markle continue to be talked about for another fashionable event that some consider far more interesting than the accession to the throne of the English sovereign: the next edition of the Met Gala, the most glamorous evening in the Big Apple which, according to some rumors, may not count on the presence of the Sussexes this year. Second Page SixIndeed, it seems that the couple, also by virtue of the release of the book Shoot of Harry, who has become an editorial case all over the world but also responsible for an apparently incurable rift with the rest of the Windsor family, would have very little chance of treading the most coveted red carpet by the stars and stripes star-system.

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Meghan Markle and Harry, however, could be in good company, since there are those who bet that not even the Kardashian-Jenner sisters will see each other at the Met Gala this year, fueling what the US press is starting to call «Hollywood snub.” The reason why, according to the Mirrors, Anna Wintour would have thought not to invite the couple would be linked to a particular reason, namely to the fact that the dukes of Sussex are losing support not only in the United Kingdom, which since the release of Shoot proved to be more on the side of Carlo, William and Kate Middleton, but also in America, who would turn his back on them both after the book and after their documentary on Netflix.

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The accusation by many is that of hypocrisy and a visceral attachment to money which would have led them to spill the beans and cast shadow and discredit on the family to which they have always belonged. Proof of this would also be the absence of the couple at the last Oscar ceremony, given that someone almost assured the presence of Harry and Meghan at the event – which, we add, would certainly have made the ceremony more lively and gossipy -. In short, while waiting to understand if Harry and Meghan Markle will participate in Carlo’s coronation, scheduled for May 6, the dubious participation in the Met Gala, scheduled for the 1st of the same month, only fuels the curiosity of the public and insiders to the jobs anxious to understand what will be the next card that the couple will play in order to stay afloat.

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