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He put teeth in the clinic where his dog was operated on and saved 35,000 euros

A man seized the opportunity presented to him and combined his health with that of his dog, after deciding to put teeth in the clinic where the animal was operated on, saving €35,000. Frankie Lomo, 35, from Britain, had traveled to Antalya, Turkey to get “Turkish teeth”, a low-cost dental trend that promises to give a bright white smile. Then, while wandering around the Turkish city, he came across a stray poodle that had a seizure and took it to the first clinic he found. There, the doctors proceeded to operate and at the same time suggested that the man proceed with the dental procedure he desired. According to a Mirror report, thousands of Britons travel to Turkey every year to undergo cosmetic procedures because they are cheaper than in the UK. Thus, Turkish doctors offer at low cost various medical services that are not related to each other, as in Frankie's case that the clinic […]
Source: News Beast

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