He slept in the sea and woke up with a face like a tomato – The rare case of sun poisoning

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Every summer the experts appeal to the world not to sit for hours on heliumor at least have the necessary protection, such as using sunscreen, to protect themselves from UV rays.

However, two young sisters ignored the above advice, resulting in suffering poisoning from the sun and their faces swell like tomatoes, as they characteristically said about their horrible experience.

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According to thesun.co.ukthe 21-year-old Hannah Moussa together with her 18-year-old sister Sarah decided to go one trip to Egypt to visit their family. During the holidays, however, decided to go to the beach without putting on sunscreen or have received some sun protectionthey fell asleep by the sea.

21-year-old Hannah Moussa
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So they woke up after a while and just went inside, they saw their faces were very swollen as if they had “swallowed bees” -as they said-, while suffering from a horrible headache.

However, they fell asleep hoping that the “sunburn” they believed they had suffered would subside. The next day, however, the symptoms not only did not subside, but blisters appeared on their face, the skin began to peel, and they suffered from vomiting, in addition to headaches.

“They called me a tomato”

So the two sisters decided to visit the doctor and there they learned that they had been poisoned by the sun and that it was not a simple sunburn. So, during the last two days of their vacation, they were locked in a hotel room away from the sun.

Going to the airport to leave, the swelling from their faces had not subsided, while they also heard mocking comments from the employees, during the check in. “They called me a tomato” and that “I’m ready to run,” said Hannah Moussa.

18-year-old Sarah

Now, she decided to talk about the unpleasant experience she had with her sister, in order to raise awareness, especially the fact that she should always receive protection from the sun.

What is sun poisoning?

Also known as polymorphic light bursts, sun poisoning can take many forms, depending on your sensitivity to the sun. Unlike a mild sunburnsun poisoning usually requires medical treatment to prevent complications.

The signs that appeared from the poisoning created by the sun

In fact, it is much worse than a mild sunburn. In addition to the usual sunburn-like symptoms, you may experience: blisters or flaking of the skin, severe redness and pain, fever (and sometimes chills), dehydration, confusion, nausea or vomiting, headaches, dizziness and fainting.

Sun poisoning can be caused by overexposure to the sun, not using sunscreen, or you may forget to take extra precautions if you are at increased risk for sunburn.

Source: News Beast

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