N. Iliopoulos for ND: Let them answer honestly what are the ‘monstrous lies’ of Al. Tsipras

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“Mr. Mitsotakis and the ministers are watching the dissolution of the budgets of households and businesses without participating, without being able to feel the harsh daily life of the citizens”, underlines the spokesman of SYRIZA-PS, Nassos Iliopoulos in his response to the government spokesman.

“If all they care about is not the leaps and bounds of their personal wealth and they care even a little about the citizens who are suffering from the wave of accuracy, let them answer honestly what are the” monstrous lies “of Alexis Tsipras”, notes characteristically N Iliopoulos and asks: “The astronomical increases in electricity bills? The most expensive gasoline in Europe with starvation wages? The obstruction of the government to tax the profits of energy companies? The complaints of the government-appointed head of RAE?”.

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“It will soon be a year since prices started to gallop and they are announcing in the run-up to elections now that they will take initiatives.

“In the elections, they will understand that along with the tolerance of society, their time is over,” he concludes.

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Source: Capital

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