He tattooed his identical twins to differentiate them and generates controversy in networks

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Being the parents of a pair of identical twins is not easy, because in addition to implying a double expense, distinguishing one from the other is quite complicated, since the physical similarity between the two complicates it even more. Although the most common thing is that they put bracelets or necklaces with the name of the babies, there are parents who take other measures.

As the mother protagonist of the following story, who, in recent weeks, has been a controversial topic on Tik Tok after revealing that in order not to forget who each of her twins is, she marks their hands with a small tattoo, a method that often It has worked perfectly for her and helps her distinguish them easily.

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screenshot of a mother who tattoos her children to identify them

It is about a woman named kaitlin, who, through her profile on TikTok, said that sometimes it was difficult for her to distinguish her twins, so her first option was to ask a professional about the possibility of tattooing her babies. Given the negative response, since this procedure is only carried out on adults, he opted to find another solution to his problem.

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Kaitlin opted for a less painful technique, so she began giving her children partial cartoon tattoos. The mother explained that for baby “A” she put an image of the planet Jupiter, since, in relation to her date of birth, the little one is a Pisces.

Tattooing my identical twins. I figured the best way to tell my identical twins apart would be to take them to a tattoo parlor and get their own tattoos done. Well when I took them there the guy said no they must be 18 or older blah blah blah.

As for baby “B,” Kaitlin said she decided to put the letters “KO” on him, which stands for knockout in combat sports, since, as she mentioned, that child smacks and punches her face whenever she’s around. This mother’s act has generated a great deal of criticism and concern among users of social networks, so her video did not take long to go viral.

image of a woman showing her baby's hand with a water tattoo with the letters KO

Although, at first, many criticized the mother for the unusual practice of wanting to tattoo her babies, they later understood her reasons and understood the main objective of her act. There were even users who are parents of twins who applauded that he chose to use temporary stickers to identify them.

Source: Okchicas

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