Receive a note with threats in your online order and unlock a new fear for us

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That feeling of buying clothes online and having them arrive at home is one of the most beautiful that we experience as good “crazy shoppers”. However, the fact that the order finally arrives, but that it brings with it a disturbing note, honestly, sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Although it sounds like a movie scene, this happened to a woman who received her order with a note saying that she will die with those clothes on. Of course, when reading it, the woman was very scared, because she did not know if she took it as a bad joke or a threat.

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opening a box of clothes with a note

This anecdote corresponds to Amanda Ellis, a tiktoker from the United States that shared in a video narrating the experience with an order that he made at home on January 15, to a well-known Chinese clothing brand. The girl told that when her purchase arrived and she opened the bag, several pieces of paper fell out, on which the message was written: “You are going to die with this suit on.”

I’m scared and worried, so I called the police… I won’t wear or try on this dress, even if it’s a joke.

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note a girl found in a clothing order

Faced with her fear of the unpleasant surprise, the young woman even took the clothes using gloves. After Amanda shared her post, her followers did not hesitate to comment on her opinion and several of them stated that it could be a joke, while others responded by saying that it may be some kind of cruel publicity stunt. Still others empathized with her, writing that she did the right thing by alerting the authorities.

On the other hand, Amanda shared in other videos that she has tried to contact a representative of the brand. Recently, she tiktoker She uploaded another clip where she said that the company has already contacted her to question how she received the package.

notes a woman found in a package of clothes

In addition to this, the girl mentioned that they also explained to her that the order could be inspected or opened by another of the points of the shipping company that was in charge of making the transfer. However, for now, no concrete explanation has been reached about the origin of the notes.

Source: Okchicas

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