Henry Cavill was rejected to be James Bond for having “extra pounds”

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We’re so used to seeing the super-athletic bodies of most Hollywood leading men that we couldn’t believe what happened to our favorite Superman. And although this happened a few years ago, it never ceases to amaze us.

Did you know that Henry Cavill was rejected to play the role of the mythical agent 007? You are right. And all for having a few extra pounds. As we know, for decades, the entertainment industry has had very strict beauty standards and stereotypes.

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Henry Cavill dressed in elegant navy blue suit and gold tie, has short black hair and shows no beard or mustache

Honestly, we thought he was born this perfect, but no, it turns out that in his 20s, Henry was a little overweight. In an interview for Men’s HealthIt was the actor himself who confessed what he lived at that time.

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In 2005, when the protagonist of Immortals was right in the final choice for the role of James Bond in Royal Casino, Apparently, the producers and the director did not agree between choosing Henry Cavill or Daniel Craig. Now we know who they decided on.

Henry Cavill posing pensively for the camera, he is wearing a black windbreaker jacket and a navy blue t-shirt, he has a slightly overgrown beard and mustache, he has a melancholic look

I could have prepared better. I remember Martin Campbell, the director, saying to me, ‘Henry, you look a bit chubby.’

What is surprising is that the handsome actor from Mission Impossible: Fallout did not give up. On the contrary, this rejection prompted him to seek to be a better version of himself, and boy did he succeed.

Henry Cavill posing for the camera wears a navy blue shirt with denim pants in the same tone, he wears a watch on his left wrist and a slight smile appears on his face

I didn’t know how to train or diet. I’m glad he told me, I took it very well and it helped me improve. I wasn’t exactly thrilled not to get the part, but I was used to being disappointed, so it was nothing new to me.

Superman character played by actor Henry Cavill wears a blue suit with red boots and cape on his chest he wears the letter S he is standing on some mountains with the sky behind

cuteness! But every effort always has its reward, because after training very hard and eating healthy, Henry Cavill managed to interpret nothing more and nothing less than the incredible “man of steel”, as well as other important characters, such as Sherlock Holmes.

‘Enola Holmes 2’ featuring Sherlock with Moriarty was absolutely the right choice.

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