Here are 10 tips for doing well in a job interview

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Online or in person, the job interview continues to be considered essential by recruiters and contractors when filling a vacancy. With increasingly complex challenges, organizations understand that the candidate’s profile needs to be aligned with the company’s values, mission and purposes.

Therefore, the recommendation of the specialists in recruitment and selection that he leads is to invest time studying the history and positioning of the business for which a vacancy is being sought.

“We have already had several situations in interviews at the company that candidates had an admiration for the work we do”, says Rodrigo Trevisan, founder and CEO of Zooma Inc. – Insights and Strategy. Trevisan says that the profile of a professional must be inherent. “This we cannot train. What we train is the technical skill or modus operandi of the team, which is why the interview stage is so fundamental.”

Juliana Grebim, neuropsychologist, explains that the interview must be seen by the candidate as the moment to make a narrative – a timeline of his professional trajectory -, pointing out the apex, the moments of greatest challenges and the processes that contributed to his evolution professional.

“This is the moment when the interviewer will analyze your behavior and your ability to concatenate ideas in a clear and objective way. This will allow you to highlight your talents, your strengths, in addition to showing how you can be the right person for the job, focusing on what is important”, he says.

For both face-to-face and online interviews, Grebim explains that the candidate’s behavior and body language are analyzed at all times.

Check out the experts’ tips for doing well in a job interview:

  1. Research the company – what it aims for, what the institution’s mission, vision and values ​​are to identify the organization’s institutional values. Understand what the company does. Discover the work done by her.
  2. Be punctual – leave early so you don’t get hurt by unforeseen events. If you go online, access the link in advance if you have any problems getting in. Remembering that some video calling programs require a small prior registration.
  3. In the case of online interviews, being careful with what appears in front of the camera counts. Avoid sofas, armchairs and beds at this time. Choose a chair where you can be in a proper posture, preferably in a quiet place with little movement of people. Places with little noise, well lit and, preferably, without objects in the background that could distract the person responsible for the interview.
  4. Never interrupt the interviewer – no matter how awkward the questions may seem, respect the flow of the conversation.
  5. Rehearse your personal presentation before the interview. Ask the opinion of a person closest to you about your speech.
  6. Be honest about your skills and experience. In addition to being a basic premise, it also helps to relax and give you more security. Many recruiters notice when a candidate is overestimating qualifications and experience. Remember that there are cases in which it is possible to check the information with companies where the professional has worked previously.
  7. Be prepared for more complex questions.
  8. If you go online, try to look at the camera at all times.
  9. Although many companies already adopt a more informal and relaxed profile, don’t go overboard. Watch your attire.
  10. Keep a professional demeanor

Reference: CNN Brasil

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