Here are the best longevity spas for a healthy stay

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It is an oasis of peace par excellence in the San Siro area of ​​Milan. An enchanting environment overlooking the park, bright spaces and natural materials with the most modern and effective treatments signed Espa. Inside, as well as various relaxation areas to relax the mind and body, there is Cryospace by The Longevity Suite, the only one in the world with electric operation and without the use of nitrogen. The effects of cold therapy are now known: improvement of venous reflux, analgesic effect, acceleration of metabolism, consumption of up to 900 kcal per session, oxygenation of the skin of the face and body and reduction of stress. The plus of the innovative Total Body Cryo Therapy is the greater activation of the empathic system, the hypothalamus and the immune system, hence the Anti-aging effect. Inside this “chamber” the temperature can fluctuate from -85 ° to -110 ° and you can enter it with the whole body, after wearing the necessary protections on hands, feet, ears and mouth. Crio Total Body allows the body to reach a lower and more homogeneous temperature, as shown by many studies; moreover, it does not involve the use of nitrogen gas unlike the classic cryosaunas, which are less safe (according to a Safety Warning by the American FDA) and less performing. The stay inside the machine is 3 minutes, but with a little training you can even reach 4, thus increasing the benefits.

Source: Vanity Fair

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