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Hermitage accused Rammstein leader of illegal sale of NFT with museum images

The St. Petersburg Hermitage believes that the leader of the German group Rammstein misused his name and a photo from the museum for the release and sale of NFT.

From the middle of last year to August 2021, the Year of Germany in the field of education, culture, science, economics and politics was held in the Russian Federation.

Taking into account the context of the year, the frontman of the Rammstein group Till Lindemann filmed a video for the cover version of the song “Favorite City” within the walls of the Hermitage. Recently it became known that Lindemann put up for sale his own NFTs (non-fungible collectible tokens) with images from the museum obtained during filming. The Hermitage did not give permission for the use of these materials for the issue of tokens.

reported in the museum’s Telegram channel, the musician did it illegally:

“The use of images of objects from the collection and interiors of the museum in the collection of tokens, also with the indication” Hermitage Edition “, was not and could not be agreed with the museum.”

Representatives of the Hermitage warned Lindemann in advance about the violation of the museum’s licensing policy, but the singer did not react in any way. The museum regrets that the leader of Rammstein deliberately violated the licensing rules, since he personally signed an agreement with the Hermitage, according to which the museum’s images can be used exclusively in the music video “Favorite City”.

A warning about a violation of the Museum’s licensing policy, sent to Mr. Lindemann at the stage of announcing his project “NFTill”, did not receive a response, and illegal tokens were uploaded to the marketplace.

Four of the five “NFTill” from NFT Frame Art are offered at prices ranging from € 199 to € 5,000, with lots ranging from 20 to 295 tokens. The fifth, limited NFT “One Shot Video Hermitage Edition”, which caused the most outrage in the museum, is offered for € 100,000 in a lot of 10 NFTs.

It is noteworthy that the description of the NFT limited edition offer states:

“Unreleased one-off clip by Till Lindemann” FAVORITE CITY “(Favorite City – orchestral version) at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The owners of these 10 NFTs will be invited (+1) to dinner with Till Lindemann in Moscow, including travel, accommodation and visa costs for the buyer and accompanying person. ”

“Now the Hermitage – probably one of the first museums in the world – is faced with the unfair use of his name and works in the field of NFT,” the Hermitage noted.

As a reminder, in July, the State Hermitage Museum released its own NFTs with digital copies of works of art from its collection and announced their sale by auction on the Binance NFT marketplace.

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