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Hospitals are full, but bed patients are outside, tells Brazilian CNN that he is in Morocco after earthquake

Hospitals in the city of Marrakech, Morocco, are full after the earthquake that occurred on Friday night (8), but bedridden patients were placed outside the structures, he told CNN a Brazilian who lives there.

Dancer Amanda Jeanini also explained that the city is around 70 km away from the epicenter of the earthquake, but that, even so, people felt very strong tremors.

“Everything started to shake really hard, we couldn’t hold on, we couldn’t stand up. And I also had no reaction time,” she reported.

She works in a bar and says that chaos quickly ensued, with people running everywhere, trying to leave the place to go to open spaces.

“As it was a Friday, the restaurant was packed and everyone started running, trying to evacuate the restaurant, even though they had nowhere to go, looking for open places”, he recalls.

Jeanini said that the tremor lasted approximately 20 seconds, but that authorities have already informed that people should not stay in their homes, because “at any moment it could happen again, a strong earthquake, I hope not”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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