‘Host’, the horror movie about the quarantine that was chosen as the most terrifying in history

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The pandemic and quarantine situation that occurred last year was like living the experience of a real horror movie. We know that art imitates life and it was evident that different entertainment media were going to take inspiration from the terrible year that was 2020.

Such is the case of the proposal of the director Rob Savage, with his film of the horror genre and the found footage subgenre, Host (Be careful who you call, in Latin America). In addition, it was chosen as “the scariest film of all time” by the British project Science of Scare 2021 (The science of scare 2021).

The plot of this film released last year on the platform of streaming Shudder focuses on a group of friends who hang out via Zoom and decide to carry out a virtual spiritualism session. Obviously, everything goes wrong and things take a macabre turn.

It is a short film, since its duration does not even reach the hour, and it is full of scares that take us to a climax of true madness. In short, it is a good film, with good visual effects and an interesting plot, especially considering that it was shot with all the limitations of social distancing.

The scariest movie

Last year, the British company BroadbandChoices, specializing in telecommunications and entertainment, started a project called The science of fright, in which, supposedly, they determined in the most scientific way possible how terrifying a movie is by measuring the heart rate of 250 participants who were watching different horror tapes.

The result was that Be careful who you call it was the tape that caused the most heart rhythms to alter. In this way he defeated the 2020 champion, Sinister, and got its crown as the scariest movie of all time.

The right moment

One of the reasons this film was received with such success is that it managed to be shot, edited and distributed very quickly, which allowed it to be released when the context of virtual meetings was very relevant. It is not yet very clear whether people will continue to search for stories that relate to the terrible events of the past year, or if, on the contrary, they will seek light entertainment that allows them to forget the unfortunate situation.

However, at the time the film saw the light of day, its short duration and its context within the pandemic were two elements that worked in its favor in the face of criticism and public reception. Do you dare to see it?

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