Tongo – Learn English 1.25.0

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Tongo – an application for teaching English. Learn English with the handy pocket tutor.

The Tongo app gives you access to over 100 books and articles in English to improve your reading and grammar skills. Just choose the book that suits your level of knowledge. You can also hone your spoken language by reading and listening to various texts. You only need 10 minutes of classes a day to build up your vocabulary. You will have over 40,000 flashcards at your disposal. And the well-proven spaced repetition method will increase your learning efficiency.

Features of Tongo App:

  • Drawing up individual study plans based on your level of language proficiency.
  • Subscription required.
  • Intuitive immersion learning.
  • Ability to save lessons and continue learning offline.
  • More than 100 books, articles and about 40,000 flashcards in English.
  • Daily 10 minute sessions will significantly improve your grammar, reading level and vocabulary.
  • System of reminders for classes.
  • Repeat words regularly until you remember them forever.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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