How we will wear the eyebrows this fall

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Let’s talk about eyebrows. There was a period, more or less 5 years ago, when one was launched every week tendenza eyebrows, give her eyebrows fishtail to the geometric eyebrows. Then it set the natural eyebrow fashion, possibly thick and well evident. According to the American magazine “Allure”, the autumn of 2021 decrees the return of bold, creative and experimental eyebrows, expanding the choice and leaving room for less canonical looks. The stars, of course, set trends, some examples? Lizzo’s bleached eyebrows, Bella Hadid’s Chinese girl’s eyebrows, to cite two examples. That said, “natural look” eyebrows, well groomed and combed upwards, will remain in great demand. We asked an industry expert to give us a summary of the brow trends for the upcoming fall season. Here’s what to expect.

“Thanks to the prevailing mask, the eyebrows have become a distinctive element of the face, increasingly considered by women and men”, underlines Claudia Milia, lash & brow artist e founder di Plumes. «One of the cornerstones of this autumn / winter remains there eyebrow lamination. A treatment that gives a specific fold to the hair, so much so that it is sometimes used to treat messy and very thick hair. The eyebrows are stretched and lengthened, obtaining a glossy and full effect. In autumn 2021 they are often fixed with the fur facing up. This treatment is the basis of two other trends of the moment: le disco brows, eyebrows with lamination on which they are applied pigmenti shiny, through the use of eye shadows with neutral tones, but enriched with glitter and luminous powders. Then the colored brows. In this case, super colored pigments are added to the lamination, for a whimsical effect. In terms of form, on the one hand there are the Asian Brows, inspired by the Asian world (you saw them on Bella Hadid). The eyebrows protrude upwards, with the shape that tends to raise the eye a lot, giving it the classic almond shape. The thickness is quite thin and is a type of eyebrow that adapts to a very feminine and sensual style. Then there are the Boy Brows, extremely natural eyebrows, with a thick, masculine, very thick and thick style. A trend that has caught on especially among the youngest, in the 15-20 year range. For women who love to dare, try the Brow Slits, masterfully “engraved” eyebrows with small cuts through the use of razor or razor blade. In the end le Bleached Brows, or bleached eyebrows. Lightened so much that almost becoming imperceptible on the face. The impact, ça va sans dire, will be very strong ».

In gallery find the right inspiration by browsing the photos of 10 celebs with iconic eyebrows.

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