How will we spend our money in 2022? What will we invest the most in?

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So, what can we expect for this 2022, in terms of consumption? What will people buy, what will they spend their money on and how? It is Nextatlas, the Artificial Intelligence platform engaged in predictive monitoring of emerging trends, has drawn up its scenario, analyzing more than 2.5 million posts a week and following over 600 thousand tags. And so, let’s see a summary of their forecasts, sector by sector.

Food & beverage: food as a tool for social and environmental change

In 2021 the issue of verifiable sustainability (Verifiable Sustainability, the trend that Nextatlas reported at the end of 2019) has become mainstream with the increase of transparent, traceable and certified initiatives that reassure everyone on the commitment of companies. The health and economic crises, as well as the problems of disrupting the supply chain, have highlighted how food can also be used as a tool for awareness and activism regarding social and economic justice. So Nextatlas predicts that in 2022 there will be a new proactive approach to food consumption that can embrace many different themes, from hunger and food safety at the waste up to issues related to biodiversity. In the next six months it is expected that the combination Food e Justice will grow by 82%. The report also contains practical cases that testify to this trend, from the operations of Ben & Jerry to those of the Do Good Food consortium and other cases on food seen as a tool for social and environmental change.

Beauty & Cosmetics: rompere i taboo

If over the years a series of taboos have been shattered, putting women in control of their health even on delicate and unconventional issues such as the cycle, fertility, menopause and sexual well-being, in 2022 all this will be transferred. on improving one’s image and on the desire to get idealized images of ourselves. Already at the end of 2019 Nextatlas had identified this trend linked to the so-called “small touches” of botox and the like; but in the coming months, stimulated by the highly filtered selfie post, there will be more and more recourse by especially the women of Gen Z to micro non-invasive procedures performed to correct their perceived defects. In the first six months of 2022, the topic of micro treatments related to beauty is expected to grow by 34%.

Lifestyle: longevity as an answer for the future

Adaptability and hybridism have been the key words of the last year and a half in which our routine has been heavily affected by the pandemic. In particular, the not new concept of hybridism, in 2021 thanks to virtuality and digital has been adopted at an unprecedented pace and scope. If adaptability and hybridism were the immediate responses to the recent situation, the long-term vision is focused on planning and on preparing for possible future crises by trying to deal with their consequences. So here is where the desire for really starts to become relevant longevity, not only linked to the quality of life and health, but which also tends to enhance the durable materials of the products, the repair function and timeless aesthetics. Many large companies, such as Apple and Adidas, have this concept very clear and, consequently, have created products and services that go in this direction.

Trade: Decentralized and hyperlocal

Over the past year, while all of us prioritized and supported small businesses and independent producers to revive the local economy, even the largest brands have tried to address this renewed interest in localism focusing their strategy on the specific needs and demands of each community. Alongside localism, a decentralization strategy has also emerged on the part of large companies and the creation of new local realities on delivery and logistics. A series of interesting case studies confirm the relevance of adapting or creating specific retail solutions that reflect the culture and behavior of the neighborhood and the local community, which take into account social, economic and environmental sustainability.

And to close, the Metaverse

Nextatlas started talking about Digital Memorabilia already in 2018. In November 2020 it published the first fact about NFTs and, in April 2021, the first Trend dedicated to the Metaverse Worldbuilding. This is why Nextatlas has built in its platform a focus dedicated to the Metaverse that collects the weak signals to guide you through the opportunities and threats of such a multifaceted and stratified topic.

WHO however, you can find the complete report: it helps to understand where we are going.


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