Hurricane Ian weakens to a Category 3, but 1.8 million are without power

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Hurricane Ian has weakened to a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 200 km per hour, according to a Wednesday night update from the National Hurricane Center.

The storm is expected to weaken further as it continues to make its way into Florida’s interior. Still, dangerous wind gusts of over 160 km/h have been reported recently.

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As the hurricane progresses, more than 1.8 million homes are without electricity, according to

Nine municipalities reported that more than 50% of tracked customers were without power. These include DeSoto County, where 99% of tracked customers are experiencing an outage.

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According to the company, Charlotte County with 98% of customers in the dark and Lee County with 97% without power. In addition, nine more municipalities are reporting more than 10,000 customers are without power.

Source: CNN Brasil

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