If Carrie kisses someone who isn’t Mr. Big

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I know your set is New York, keeping the secret is practically impossible. So it happens that, while waiting for one of the most famous revivals of all time, the parties involved are good at avoiding spoilers or any anticipation, while the streets of Manhattan are the ones who “betray”. And it’s easy to understand which ones too. Waiting for And Just Like That, new chapter of Sex and the City, all eyes are on the streets of Greenwich Village, where filming isn’t over yet and where he lives from the first episode of the first season Carrie Bradshaw.

The greatest curiosity of the fans, we know, revolves all around a question: “But are Carrie and Mr. Big still together? “. In the second and last film we had left them intent on mending the pieces of a bad crisis. In the end, however, the two had made it, not disappointing the hopes of those who had found themselves rooting for them for six seasons, even in the most desperate moments (see chapter Aidan or Natasha).

In And Just Like That, which arrives in December on HBO Max (and in Italy it is not yet known when), Mr. Big is present, despite some initial uncertainty of his interpreter. We have seen him, again thanks to photos stolen by paparazzi, walking alongside Carrie (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) on several occasions, and even in some scenes shot in Paris, citation perhaps of the finale of the sixth season. Now, however, there is something new. Not good, let’s face it immediately, for lovers of the couple.

According to what was documented by the paparazzi stationed at 64 Perry Street, Carrie comes home at one point accompanied by another man, actor Jon Tenney. And, hold on tight, kiss him. To confirm this, a large photo gallery. But who is this mysterious man? We do not know. Cast and production, as imaginable, have their mouths sewn together. One source, however, blasted something to Daily Mail: “The idea of ​​the production is to shake the audience from the beginning to make it clear that this is a show with a different rhythm from the previous one, where anything can happen and anyone can go, just like life ».

A certain complicity between Carrie and the mysterious man, we have to admit, there is. A smile like this has not been seen since the days of Jack Berger. With him, however, we take the liberty of reminding them, it didn’t end quite well. Left with a post-it. Isn’t it better then, Big, who, at worst, leaves you a record and an open ticket to Napa Valley? We’ll see.


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