Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, “the conditions of peace” (between jealousy and social media)

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Wanda Nara, acting as the husband’s attorney Mauro Icardi, she usually discusses with senior managers of football clubs, to deal with salaries, bonuses and image rights. This time, however, at the table with the Argentine manager, his teammate sat down to face the couple crisis broke out in recent days and draw up what some South American newspapers have called “Conditions of peace”.

Well yes: according to what was reported by the television journalist Yanina Latorre, the spouses would have met in a restaurant in Paris to search a mediation, such as marriage renewal. “Maurito he doesn’t want her to do any other work besides the wife-manager“, it is read. «So just host on TV and various events. And especially stop traveling alone on a private jet, often with destination Milano».

Requests dictated by the jealousy? Perhaps. The fact is, however, that second the reconstructions gossip would have been him to take a crush on the model Eugenia «China» Suarez, who on Instagram attacked the attacker head down: “It was he who provoked me, to tell me that he was separate and that there were no conflicts. I trusted youbut then he pulled back and let the wolves eat me. ‘

It is unclear whether the two met underground or it is only a flirt via chat, the only certainty is the anger of Wandita who did not spare insults to the «rival» «Yet Icardi asked his wife to post a photo together and then close your accounts», Adds the reporter Latorre. Probably – one thinks – with the promise of do the same to avoid new temptations.

In the meantime he did cleaning between contacts and, to date, it only follows the profile of the better half. Which for now keeps the couple photos in the archive and it is not yet clear if it really has forgiven her husband: wrote “I’ll take care of my family“, Then he published a collage of recent shots alongside Mauro, but only to demonstrate that the history of”I thought it was separate»Holds little.

Mauro, for his part, has sprinkled himself publicly the chief of ashes and thanked Wanda for «still believe in their family“. A message that everyone understood as «Agreement reachedBut watch out for the “conditions of peace” that they could provoke a turnaround last minute.


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