In a new video, comedian Gustavo Mendes admits he was not the victim of an assault

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the comedian Gustavo Mendes used social networks, on Tuesday (17), to admit that he was not the victim of an assault after the conclusion of the investigation by the Civil Police of Juiz de Fora.

“I came here to clarify for exactly what happened: first, I need to remind you that I took two stones in the head very hard. The worst did not happen, but they were given to kill. And when you get hit in the head, you don’t really remember what happened”, began Mendes.

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He said that he left a bar, where he had been drinking, and did not remember meeting a woman when he told the first version of the story.

“A woman stops me at 4 am and I give her a stern answer. She was scared at dawn on the street. She asks me for money and I have a phrase that I always say when they ask me for money ‘I have it, but I won’t’. She went, told her husband who was right behind and he came to satisfy me, “she said.

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With that, he said, a little argument started and the man went and got two stones “to hit and kill”.

“The fact is that I was wrong in that complaint, but the act itself is there. I was the victim of this aggression, I suffered an aggression and I could have been dead at that time”, he pointed out.

Earlier this month, he took to Instagram and said he had been assaulted in an attempted robbery. However, the Civil Police of Juiz de Fora investigated the case and pointed out that the story told by Mendes is not true.

In an interview with the press, the Civil Police of Juiz de Fora stated that the victim was not assaulted, as had been initially considered, but that the comedian and the aggressor would have had a disagreement before the aggression.

“We had access to several security cameras that were in the places and we were able to find out that, in fact, Gustavo had animosity with the aggressor minutes before. Soon after the attacker returns to the scene and they have a new discussion. The aggressor, not satisfied, picks up two stones and hits Gustavo in the head. At that moment, Gustavo starts a chase, because the aggressor escapes from the place”, reports the delegate.

*With information from Daniela Mallmann and Júlia Carvalho

Source: CNN Brasil

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