Shakira: Tick the TikTok filter that tells you if you’re a Rolex or a Casio

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Shakira, Piqué, Clara, the Twingo, the Ferrari, the Casio, the Rolex… houses, books, cars, travel and newspapers, as the good Tiziano Ferro would say.

The Colombian singer dropped the bomb and with her own BZRP Music Sessions #53 he says four to the ex and the woman he allegedly cheated on her with. Among the lyrics that have caused the most sensation and, believe me, there is an embarrassment of choice, we certainly find the one where Shakira compares herself to a Ferrari and a Rolex and instead associates the footballer’s new partner with a Twingo and a Casio.

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Shakira attacks Piqué with a song: «You replaced a Ferrari with a Twingo»

From there, a series of theaters follow one another where he proudly shows the Casio on his wrist and shows up for training riding a Twingo. So, just to make things less cringey.

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Piqué’s timely response to Shakira: “This watch is for life”

In the meantime, the unexpected answers from the Casio team arrive which, let me tell you, are a masterpiece of marketing and irony:

Could TikTok, the Eden of new social trends, just stand by and watch? Obviously not! The song goes viral and is played via lip sync, choreography, memes and…as background while using a new filter. Which? What reveals whether you are a Rolex or a Casioof course!

Shakira: the choreography of the song against Piqué is born on TikTok

It may be that the filter is designed on purpose to make everyone feel at the top of the range but… rarely do you come across people who reveal that they have obtained the Casio as a result. Or perhaps it is the users themselves who refuse the association and continue to use the filter to exhaustion, until the Rolex appears. Who can tell.

And you? Are you team Rolex, Casio or do you look at the time from your mobile screen and then scroll on TikTok and lose track of time?

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Source: Vanity Fair

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