In China, a 3000-year-old golden mask and 500 more artifacts were found in the “sacrificial pits”: photo

In the Chinese province of Sichuan, archaeologists have found unique artifacts, which are believed to be about 3000 years old. All finds were found under one of the shopping centers, and the highlight of the collection was a 280-gram gold mask with 84% content of the noble metal, according to the website of the country’s National Cultural Heritage Office.

According to experts, the found items can help shed light on the history of the ancient kingdom of Shu, which was located in the western part of Sichuan.

In addition to the mask, archaeologists have found more than 500 artifacts, including an ancient massive goblet, ivory and bronze items, a sealed wooden box, and much more.

According to scientists, such “sacrificial pits” were used to put offerings there during prayer to the gods, when ancient people prayed for prosperity and peace.

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Derek Black

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