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In Greece, the Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia

In Greece, the Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia

A large business delegation from Saudi Arabia, headed by the Saudi Minister of Investment, 8 deputy ministers and high-ranking officials, arrives in our country today in the context of strengthening and deepening the economic and business relations between Greece and Saudi Arabia.

The mission is welcomed today by the political leadership of the country’s Economic Diplomacy, Deputy Foreign Minister Costas Frangogiannis and Secretary General Giannis Smyrlis, while tomorrow the Greek-Saudi Business Forum will be held and on Tuesday the 5th Greek Mixed Foreign Minister.

The Saudi delegation is led by Saudi Arabia’s Investment Minister Khalid Al Faleh, who will be accompanied by eight Deputy Prime Ministers and senior officials from the Ministries of Investment, Energy, Environment, Tourism, Health, Science, Technology, Communication, Technology and Communication. Pilgrimage and Islamic Affairs. The government mission is accompanied by representatives of 59 Saudi companies from the banking and financial sector, energy, tourism, construction, health, agri-food sector.

The first day of the mission’s visit includes a tour of Santorini, where special flights from Saudi Arabia will arrive, following a request by the Saudi side to visit a popular tourist destination in the country to transfer relevant know-how, according to a Foreign Ministry statement. It is recalled that a similar visit of tourist interest was organized by the Saudi side, in the historic city of Al Oula, as part of the Greek business mission to Saudi Arabia in March.

The Greek-Saudi Business Forum on Monday

On the second day, Monday 30 May, an all-day Greek-Saudi Business Forum will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, organized by Enterprise Greece, during which the prospects of cooperation in the following key areas will be presented: a) Tourism, b) Energy / Construction / Infrastructure, c) Innovation and d) Agri-food. The Forum will be attended by competent ministers and deputy ministers, as well as businessmen from both sides. From the Greek business world, more than 100 companies have expressed interest in participating.

In parallel with the work of the Forum, bilateral meetings of all the ministers and deputy ministers of Greece and Saudi Arabia will take place at the hotel, while the Forum will conclude with B2B meetings.

On Tuesday, the 5th Joint Interministerial Committee of Greece – Saudi Arabia

On the third day of the visit, Tuesday 31 May, the 5th Meeting of the Greek-Saudi Arabian Joint Interministerial Committee will take place, with the participation of high-ranking delegations from the Ministries of Development and Investment, Health, Shipping, Tourism, Environment and Energy, Education Of Labor and Social Affairs, chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister K. Frangogiannis and Saudi Minister of Investment Khalid Al Faleh. The Joint Interministerial Committee will complete its work with the signing of a Protocol by the two ministers as well as an Agreement on the implementation of the EMC optical data cable.

On the same day, members of the Saudi delegation will visit, with the care of Enterprise Greece, points of interest for possible investment and trade prospects, while contacts with Greek companies will continue.

During the visit of the business delegation from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Frangogiannis will meet with members of the Business Council of Greece-Saudi Arabia, which was created to promote bilateral business contacts and expand trade and investment relations between the two countries. . Co-chairs of the Greek branch of the Council are the president of Temes Achilleas Konstantakopoulos and the CEO of Olympia Electronics SA Dimitris Lakasas. On the Saudi side, Lubna Olayan, the head of the Executive Committee of the Olayan Financing Company, is chairing.

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