Ingrid Silva talks about international career and representation in dance

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Carioca, born in the north of Rio de Janeiro, Ingrid Silva is the main dancer of the American dance company, one of the most renowned in the world, the “Dance Theater Of Harlem”.

This year, Ingrid Silva became a Dior Ambassador. In an interview with Popverso CNN, in the section Brains Made in Brazil, she spoke about the surprise of being nominated.

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“Being a Dior ambassador this year was a very big surprise. I was the only Brazilian in the field of sports and also to see myself in this European showcase, being a black woman, nowadays it is very gratifying not only for the work I do, but the exposure of having other girls who will see each other there too. and that in the future they will have the same opportunity that I had”.

The dancer, who is also the author of the book, “The Shoe that Changed My World”, also spoke about the difficulty of black dancers in the dance world. “Dance is still very white in general. In Brazil, we still have a structural racism because if you don’t have the means, you don’t enter the ballet”.

CNN Popverse

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The CNN Brasil program is hosted by Mari Palma and airs from Monday to Friday, first on Youtube and TikTok, at 8 pm, and at 11:30 pm on TV. Popverso CNN still brings intense coverage of the world of pop culture and also another look at everyday news.

Source: CNN Brasil

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