Inps, here’s how the ransom of the degree is calculated

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Is it convenient or not? How much do you have to pay? For how many years? These are the questions that usually torment those who would like to redeem their degree, or pay contributions for those years of study so that they can possibly aim for an early retirement of a few years. Now on the INPS website the simulator is online to calculate the burden of redemption of the degree. By entering some data and answering a few questions, such as “When did you enroll in the course of study?”, “What is the gross salary for the last 12 months actually worked?”, The program determines the ordinary and subsidized charges, introduced by law decree 4/2019.

Let me be clear: the maximum period that can be redeemed is equal to the legal duration of the course of study. In other words: the years of off-course enrollment are not redeemable.

The service, at the moment, is active only for pure contributors, whose qualifications are after 1995. In the presence of “discontinuous” careers, the service only provides the redemption burden determined with the ordinary criterion and with the facilitated one. For the unemployed, the charge is determined with the particular rules reserved for this category, with the specification that the amount will be fiscally deductible at 19% by the person who will materially bear the expense.

The workers targeted by the mixed system will have to wait for the release of the new version of the simulator, which – it is said – shouldn’t be too long in coming.

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