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Inside Britain’s most expensive home: Ca 250m tycoon John Caudwell’s f 250m mansion

Inside Britain’s most expensive home: Ca 250m tycoon John Caudwell’s f 250m mansion

Billionaire and philanthropist John Caudwell bought two side-by-side mansions in 2012, which he joined together in an underpass to create the most expensive house in the UK. Initially the two buildings were bought for 87 million pounds, while today the large mansion is estimated to be worth Εκατο 250 million after the completion of the renovations.

The founder of Phones 4u, John Caudwell, who is the highest taxed citizen in United Kingdom, turned two Mayfair mansions into a huge property that, valued at 250 250 million, is believed to be Britain’s most expensive private home, according to the Evening Standard.

Businessman and philanthropist Caudwell, now 67, who sold the Phones 4u chain for just under 1,5 1.5 billion in 2006, bought the Mayfair House for 87 87 million in 2012 and a few years later embarked on a major renovation.

Although it looks like a stone building in Portland, it is actually two houses joined into one, with a ballroom with a capacity of 120 people, 15 bedrooms and eight floors.

The super-house covers more than 4,000 square meters, about the average size of 55 apartments in London and more than twice the size of the Royal Albert Hall.

The total renovation of this huge house was a matter of one documentary of Channel 4, in which Caudwell revealed that a huge basement now joins the two mansions.

There is a car elevator that can carry eight cars from street level to the garage at the touch of a button, as well as an indoor pool with volcanic lava installation.

Other features you might not expect to find in a London home are the stunning Thai-themed dining room – one of Caudwell’s favorite cuisines – with a river flowing through its center full of selected African fish, all under one fake cherry with pink flowers, while it was also revealed that 20,000 gold leaves were used in all the rich interiors of the house. With a total cost of 65 65 million, the renovation exceeded the initial budget by 55 55 million.

What is the purpose of the most expensive house in Britain

Caudwell’s main residence, however, is a country house residence 12-bedroom in Staffordshire and, along with other homes around the world, also owns a 73-meter yacht which it bought at auction for a “bargain” price of 35 35 million.

Referring to the value of his latest work in a recent interview with the Times, Caudwell said: “The value of my home is the home itself, but I do not hold valuables. “You can not steal a marble staircase.”

Caudwell will not live on the property, it is revealed in the documentary, as he intends to use it mainly for his charity, Caudwell Children, which supports children with disabilities and their families.